ERP Connect for Buyers

The simple path to procurement

Move your orders, especially for hard to find items, into the modern world. Welcome to CSPEX Connect — our global end-to-end electronic procurement process that integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/procurement system from catalog through payment. Securely shop a customized catalog from within your procurement system and then return the contents of your shopping session back to your ERP system electronically. Reduce paperwork and minimize order processing errors.

A ready to connect digital catalog consisting of over 1 million SKUs from 355 suppliers and 242 manufacturers shipped directly to you from distribution points in the United States and Canada.  Inventory Management and PO processes are turn-key.  Request more information today or visit CSPEX Connect for Suppliers.

It's Free and already setup for PunchOut, RoundTrip and TapOut.  Takes minutes to setup with your ERP.

Benefits. Time is money! Enjoy simplified product selection while reducing paperwork and order processing errors.

How It Works. Discover how easy ordering can be by integrating your procurement system. CSPEX Connect offers electronic procurement from catalog to payment.

Key features. Maximize your ERP capabilities with a secure electronic B2B solution. 

How do we help enterprise buyers with PO consolidation while adding new suppliers?

Supplier transitions to punchout

When you need to get your suppliers on punchout, we can provide solid punchout sites that meet the buyers' unique needs. 

**We offer bulk discounts when we implement three or more of your suppliers.

Buyer Road Map

Once we have established a buyer's unique requirements for punchout, we then use this as a road map for all of the suppliers we enable for you. This means no hassle and rapid enablement of your suppliers.


Ariba Ready


cXML Invoicing & Credit Memos **

Level II Punchout **

Vendor Managed Inventory via Punchout **

Punchout Quote Creation **

Order Acknowledgements

Advance Ship Notices

Supplier Legacy System Integration **

Punchout Inventory **

Quantity Based Pricing

Compatibility Assurance

Rapid Order

Quick Order

Custom/Ad-Hoc items in Punchout **

Draft Cart **

Punchout Personalized Shopping Lists

Punchout Order History **

Capture & Store Cart Data on Punchout **

Punchout Edit & Inspect

Testing Environments **

Custom cXML Mapping **

Configurable Items

Bundle Items **

UPS Integrated **

Shipments to United States only

** Ad-hoc features not included in standard configuration.


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