Price Analysis

We are giving businesses the tools necessary to make better pricing decisions. Now featuring Ship Analysis for no additional cost!

Technology has favored the consumer in terms of price awareness and choice of stores. Most retailers know less than their customers when it comes to their own pricing. CSPEX is here to level the playing field to give businesses back pricing control.

Price Analysis is a application tool that allows clients to create a comparative product search across multiple marketing channels to automatically see how their products are priced in relation to competitors.

Clients simply enter information related to one of their products and Price Analysis will connect with the leading marketing channels, identify how others are pricing and marketing that product, and return that information to the client in a few seconds for review.

 - Add Ship Analysis at no additional cost - a feature of our leading CSPEX technology platform

- Price products competitively across the Internet to attract sales and increase conversion rates

- Compare marketing strategies to remain competitive and relevant across shopping destination site channels

- Automatically assess performance of under-performing products across shopping destination site channels

- Automate Price Analysis reports on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis to stay ahead of the competition

- Analyze your products from multiple marketing channels